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Visual Art Journal Courses for Teachers K-12.
Professional Development Credits for Recertification.

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We provide accredited on-demand professional development Visual Art Journal courses for Teachers K-12. Learn to easily and creatively teach your students the exciting mixed media platform- Visual Art Journals, in your classroom- all while earning credit.
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Intro: Visual Art Journal Course

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Printmaking: Visual Art Journal Course

Combine Visual Art Journal techniques with the art of Printmaking. Discover the art form of Printmaking and the various different types of printmaking such as Relief, Found Object, Gyotaku, Monoprinting and more!


Intro: Visual Art Journal Course

Discover what a Visual Art Journal is and how to get started! We'll explore the mediums of paper, watercolor paint, watercolor pencils, string, and more!


Drawing: Visual Art Journal Course

Combine Visual Art Journal techniques with the art of drawing. Learn and apply your level of drawing skills using the mediums of ink, charcoal, watercolor crayons, and more!

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What Teachers Are Saying

"Julie is clearly passionate about what she does. It's like art camp. It's just for me and it's really fun. It's totally changed my life. My creativity has definitely improved and my paradigm has shifted- I'm seeing art everywhere. I absolutely recommend to others."
Kristen M.
Art Teacher, 3 Completed Courses
"This course was fantastic! You inspired me to work on this journal inside and outside of class. I loved giving this journal my heart. I loved that you had new processes and techniques for us to try, as well as a lot of time for us to create. I think this process is so healing and powerful. I have been recommending it left and right!"
Krista R.
Art Teacher, 4 Completed Courses
"Instead of writing a paper or something I wouldn't use- I come out with samples of things I can use in my classroom, and directly apply. Art journaling is making art accessible. It unblocks and taps into my creative side.

I've already shown others how to start and am now teaching my high school students. I see how they engage with art in a different way than they had before."
Anna K.
Art Teacher, 5 Completed Courses
"Julie's class and teaching style have made a lifelong impact on me, and I will be forever grateful. I hadn't created personal artwork for 4 years. She taught me to 'Go for it!', and move past the intimidation of a white page. Her course even sparked an entire series of work that I displayed in my first art show.

Julie's quirky and creative spirit gave me permission to relax, let my guard down, and express myself. She's had such an immense impact on both my teaching and my personal artwork."
Jaimee J.
Art Teacher, 5 Completed Courses
"I like how the journal is a place for more experimental areas to express myself. I couldn't wait to try everything we learned! I looked forward to the classes, and wanted to make sure I learned as much as possible."
Marianna E.
Art Teacher, 2 Completed Courses
"I loved it! I learned more than I hoped! What I created was so far out of my comfort zone. I put in more effort than any other course I've taken, AND also found it relaxing enough to pursue ideas outside the parameters of the course. I really reached to explore my art more fully."
Wendy W.
Art Teacher, 4 Completed Courses
"I LOVED learning updated art techniques, and really broke out of my 'bubble' to incorporate new ideas to help inspire my creativity. I would absolutely recommend this to another teacher! I loved the course, and have already told others about your other courses."
Erin D.
Drama Teacher, 2 Completed Courses
"You get to experiment with so many mediums, you find out who you are, and what techniques you love. Each time I attend I feel like I'm growing that much more with the creative process of the journal."
Kellie D.
Art Teacher, 2 Completed Courses
"It's a way to put my thoughts, feelings, and memories out there visual. It's a real release, and I've learned a TON through the course.

After teaching art for 20 years, I was so surprised and grateful about how many new tools, supplies, and techniques I was introduced to in this course. I'm excited to use them in my classes."
Jen S.
Art Teacher, 1 Completed Course
"It's been a joy crafting these art journal pages. I've enjoyed learning the new techniques. It's been fun taking chances and improving my craft. I'm taking away new ideas and things to teach my kids at school.

Watercolor pencils were new to me, and found that process quite fascinating, and really enjoyed that."
Sarah H.
Art Teacher, 1 Completed Course
"I have loved, loved, loved this class- it's going to stick with me. I appreciate the opportunity. Seeing everyone's ideas has been very inspiring.

To me, the visual journal experience represents TIME- making time for myself, playing with materials, being with my thoughts, making connections between things. It was a great way to honor my collected fodder, and be present and go in the direction my heart was telling me to go. I felt like I found my way back to myself."
Vicki L.
Art Teacher, 1 Completed Course
"A visual journal is a place where I can 'be'. The new techniques were really cool. There is something very therapeutic and soothing about watercolor. I learned it's OK to let go of perfection because there is no one right way to do things. I can keep moving forward, and see what comes out of it."
Amy N.
Substitute Teacher, 1 Completed Course
"I had not taken an art class since high school! It was great to learn all the watercolor techniques. I learned how important backgrounds are, as well as the layout of objects.

It was self discovery as I review the path of my life, and where I'm headed."
Jolie S.
Teacher, 1 Completed Course
"This journal gave me freedom to explore. I realized what a great critical thinking skill this is. You did a great job teaching, and I appreciate all your time and effort to make it such an awesome experience for us."
Ann H.
Art Teacher, 2 Completed Courses
"Julie Shelton is a star teacher! She is an interesting, kind, and knowledgable person. Her creativity is inspiring! Her art is a reflection of her personality."
Nina S.
Teacher, 2 Completed Courses

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