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About Me

About ME

Julie Kaye Shelton here. I am a mixed media artist, an educator, a Price is Right winner, world traveler, and a mother of 4 raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I now reside in Meridian, Idaho.

My mediums of choice are collage and photography. I love to draw charcoal portraits. I am passionate about creating Visual Journals!

My mission is to instill in my students the desire to create! I want them to open their eyes, to look around, and to TRULY SEE all the creative potential waiting to be molded and made into something extraordinary!

I believe TRAVELING and EXPERIENCING amazing art, people, food, and sights the world has to offer creates a student who is ready to take on the world!


I was a first-year teacher in Sterling, Virginia in 2003, and I faced serious burnout and depression. I felt overwhelmed and discouraged by the work my students were doing [or not doing]. One day at a school district meeting I looked over to see a teacher with an amazing Visual Art Journal.

The teacher was Eric Scott, my colleague teaching in the Loudoun County Public School District. Eric Scott introduced me to the Visual Art Journal and changed my life forever.

The Visual Art Journal transformed my classroom. No longer are students painfully toiling through mediocre assignments. Instead, they take the journal to heart, and spend hours on their journal pages. Since then, my mind and creativity grown in many new and profound ways.

I have been teaching accredited Visual Art Journals courses to Teachers since 2017, and Visual Journal Curriculum that I developed to high school students as a district-approved course in the West Ada School District starting in 2020!

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