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A Visual Art Journal is a sketchbook transformed for a wide variety of mediums! Paint, Collage, Drawing, Printmaking, Mixed Media…SKY’S THE LIMIT!

All courses offered are accredited through Northwest Nazarine University. Upon completion of each course, you will receive a certificate of completion from NNU which states that the credit applies to all 3 state accreditation for teaching license renewal.

1. 1 Professional Development Credit
2. 1.5 Continuing Education Credits
3. 15 Credit Hours

The Field Study Courses offer double the numbers above:

1. 2 Professional Development Credit
2. 3 Continuing Education Credits
3. 30 Credit Hours

No. The Professional Development credits earned through NNU may only be used for Professional Development and State Recertification.

To meet the credit needs for recertification purposes, an accredited transcript can be requested upon completion of the course. This course will be transcripted as follows: 1 Professional Development credit, OR 1.5 Continuing Education Credit, OR 15 credit hours. This counts only towards teaching license recertification NOT higher education for a master’s degree*verify with your state board of education for any questions regarding credit for your state license.” 

The workshops are designed for all experience levels – from beginners to advanced. Some workshops require some experience and will say so in the class description. Self-guided video tutorials and PDFs are designed to be easy to follow and informative, but also to provide new techniques and ideas.

Live (In-Person) Workshops/Courses are scheduled for specific days and times which are listed in the workshop descriptions. The class will meet a specified location. Live Workshop/Courses are offered in a “Power Weekend” format. 5 hours on a Friday evening. 8 hours on that Saturday. 2 hours wrap up 2 weeks later. These are special events. 

ONLINE/ON DEMAND Courses allow you to watch instructional videos & review the lesson content at your own speed & convenience! This allows you to work at your own pace and to revisit any of the lessons and techniques, and you don’t have to be in front of your computer at any set date or time. You will have 3 months to complete the course. There will be no dates to “attend”.

Please do not share course PDFs or video links and passwords with anyone.

Registration required to enroll in courses and workshops.

Payment is accepted by any major credit card or debit card.

You will receive an automated receipt and will be granted access to the course. 

Once enrolled/registered for the course you will receive an email from JK Studios welcoming you to the course to grant access to course materials, links, and lessons.

Go to Materials on the main page of the course. 

Acquire supplies and journal fodder to prepare for the course! 

  1. VISUAL JOURNAL Purchase a Mixed Media journal any size you want! ***ENCOURAGED: Use Visual Journal from INTRO JOURNAL course***

*98lb Mixed Media paper required*(*Each size presents its own challenges!) 

  • 9” x 12” or 11” x 14” HARDBOUND JOURNAL 
  • HOMEMADE OPTION – find an old book. Look up how to repurpose books on YouTube. Use Gesso to prep the pages for journaling.
  1. FIND YOUR FODDER: Gather old books, maps, phonebooks, scrapbook paper, magazine clippings, ticket stubs, stickers, drawings, photos…you name it…HAVE IT READY for our ONLINE CLASS! These items will be used for collaging and building your journal pages! 
  • I’ve compiled a list of course materials for each course Blick Art Supplies to make it easier to prepare for each course.
  • You may purchase additional items of your choice!

You don’t have to purchase your supplies from Blick.

You may purchase them wherever you wish!

You will need basic art and journaling materials: pencils, pencil sharpener, ruler, eraser, pens, markers, scissors and glue sticks. An X-ACTO knife & cutting matt are used often.

A specific materials list will accompany each workshop. In most cases, brand and quality are not important, but with some materials and processes, particular brands are recommended and might be the only appropriate ones.

In the Blick Supply List you will see items that are “required” and items “recommended”. Items “required” with specific brand names will be used during the course. Items “recommended” are suggestions. 

All work will be turned in via Seesaw. 

  • Digital photos of will be taken ALL work throughout the course.
  • EACH 2-PAGE Journal Spread project will be photographed IN PROGRESS (See Below) 
  • It is your responsibility to upload your work on Seesaw to complete each assignment.
  • Photos will be edited, enhanced, and cropped prior to uploading.
  • COMPLETE all Activities/Assignments in SEESAW.
  • DAILY take photos of work progress and upload to current Project Assignment/Activity in SEESAW. *Must show a series of 4 different stages of progress 1) Beginning 2) Layers 2-4+ 3) 5+ Layers. Work finished.

Seesaw is a great tool/app that allows class members to see be inspired by the work of others taking the course. Comments can be made to lift, encourage, and assist class members to make their work better.  

Visual Art Journals are multimedia journals used primarily in art classes, but can be modified to create Connected Learning Experiences for courses other than art (English, science, history, etc).

Professional Development Credit may be obtained through Northwest Nazarene University. Additional fees apply.

1 -CREDIT FROM NNU (15 hours per credit): 
  • COMPLETE: 6 hours of ONLINE instruction ON DEMAND to be viewed and completed independently. You will have 3 months to complete content & Studio Hours. 
  • COMPLETE: 9 hours of Studio Time completed independently AT HOME [working on the art tasks/assignments/collaging/researching etc.] You will have 3 months to complete Studio Time. 
2 -CREDIT FROM NNU (15 hours per credit = 30 hours): 
  • For this course you will complete the curriculum/course content from one of the original the Visual Art Journal courses + 24 hours of Studio Time.  
  • COMPLETE: 6 hours of ONLINE instruction ON DEMAND to be viewed and completed independently. You will have 3 months to complete content. 
  • COMPLETE: 24 hours of Studio Time completed independently AT HOME [working on the art tasks/assignments/collaging/researching/drawing, etc.] You will have 3 months to complete Studio Time. 

Time Extensions available upon request.

Access is only granted to the person who is registered. I have put a lot of time, energy, and resources to provide each course. Please respect the integrity of the work, and do not share class invitations, downloads, or passwords with anyone.

By enrolling in the course you agree to not share or distribute the information and downloaded material with anyone else. Anyone found in violation of this policy will be barred from the course, and no refund will be granted.

Live Courses/Workshops will have a non-refundable deposit of $50. 

All ONLINE courses are offered in an ON-DEMAND format and can be viewed at anytime.

Refunds will not be issued. Special circumstances will be considered, such as issues with downloading and accessing the course will taken on a case by case basis.

All artwork, images, PDFs, and videos are the copyright of Julie Kaye Shelton.

All materials available for download may be printed, but are for personal use only. They may not be shared or distributed by any means mechanical or electronic, and they may not be sold or reprinted for commercial use. Images and collage elements may be used in one of a kind, original work, where the used images have been modified, cut, added to, or in some way manipulated.

Digital elements such as photos, banners, and badges may be used for blogs, personal websites, and social media sites as long as they are for noncommercial purposes and proper credit is given.

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